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In the Longbei Market, which sells a relatively complete range of aquatic products, the reporter saw that every vendor's booth has a large number of aquatic products, such as "mouse spots", king crabs, winter grubs, elephant trunk mussels, lobsters, abalone and other high-value seafood. And ordinary yellow croaker, mussels, salmon, scallops, "red eggs" and other shell aquatic products are dazzling, especially conspicuous. Operators are busy weighing the goods for customers who have selected Chinese and Italian seafood products, and then placing them on cutting boards for processing. According to Ms. Lin, the owner of an aquatic product stall, in recent days, the prices of most aquatic products, especially wild seafood products, have basically risen day by day. For example, the price of king crab is 210 yuan per catty, an increase of 50 to 60 yuan compared with a week ago. The price of prawns is 290 yuan per catty, which has also increased by 70 to 80 yuan. The price of "mouse spot" is more than 300 yuan per catty, which has increased by nearly 100 yuan. Product prices have also increased. "According to the experience of previous years, the price of aquatic products will definitely increase when the Spring Festival is approaching, because the temperature drops in winter, it becomes more difficult for fishermen to harvest, coupled with the rapid increase in market demand in a short period of time, the price of aquatic products will naturally rise, especially wild seafood and Live seafood. The price increase has not been obvious in the past few days. Two days before the Spring Festival, seafood will usher in the peak sales season. One price per day, such as the price of nine-section shrimp, may exceed 400 yuan per catty. The price of seafood will generally increase. It will last until the Lantern Festival, and then it will slowly fall back to normal." Another seafood stall operator said, but compared with previous years, this year's lobster prices have not risen significantly, and the smaller ones are priced at 150-180 yuan per catty. Large lobster is 250-270 yuan per catty..So,how to make biggest king crab in the oven?

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All kinds of fresh seafood are favored by the citizens. The reporter saw that the listed citizens were carrying all kinds of seasonal items of meat, vegetables and fish in both hands and returned with a full load. During the interview, many listed citizens told reporters that they are taking advantage of the weekends and holidays to buy New Year's goods. Citizen Ms. Zhuang said that the two refrigerators at home were "emptied" to make way for the New Year's goods. She also bought two bags full of dishes such as salmon and winter grubs, in preparation for receiving visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival. Mr. Zeng, a citizen, said: "The supply of farmed aquatic products is sufficient, but compared with swimming in the sea, it is still a little tasteless. The son who went to college in Wuhan will go home tonight. He always said that he could not eat Chaoshan seafood at school. When I go home from vacation, I will buy some fish and shrimp to satisfy my child's hunger.".So,what is the best way to reheat king crab bar?

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During the visit, the reporter also learned that the prices of live lobster for sale ,chicken, duck, pork and various seasonal vegetables have also increased slightly, but compared with seafood products, the increase is not very high. For example, the price of pork belly ranges from 70 to 100 yuan per catty, the ribs are 30 to 35 yuan per catty, chicken is 15 to 18 yuan per catty, rapeseed and spring vegetables are priced at about 4 yuan per catty, and kale is 4 yuan per catty. - 5 yuan, cabbage 3 yuan per catty. The operator said that the price of seasonal vegetables is closely related to the weather. If there is a low temperature or rainy weather during the Spring Festival, the growth of leafy vegetables is affected and the market volume is low, and the price will definitely "skyrocket"..So,how to thaw alaskan king crab muskegon?

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