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Thinking About New Counters?

Concrete counter tops aren’t exactly a new thing, but in the past few years they’ve certainly been growing in popularity. You may think “concrete? As in sidewalks?” but don’t let the name fool you, this cool and trendy material is incredibly versatile.


Because concrete is so malleable, you can make the material look like however you want! Depending on what you put in the slurry of course.  You can go from a smooth polished stone aesthetic to a more rustic vibe to a artsy, modern style with swirled colors. You can even add cool ingredients like pebbles or metal shavings for your own custom look!


And if all this wasn’t amazing enough, you can personalize your counter tops however you want!  Because you’re not building from pre-existing material that limits size or design, you can add practically any feature you want.  An extra sink space, a cutting board, a knife holder? No problem! It’s all just concrete proof that concrete counter tops make great additions to any home.

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