Testimonials - Platinum Series Homes by Mark Molthan


We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our clients over the years for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success and happiness. Scroll down to read a few of our favorites.

“We spent several months designing the perfect house for our family. For us, perfect was defined as the type of house that was elegant yet warm for a family with young children. The type of house that all rooms served a purpose and would not be wasted space; allowing us the option to make changes as our family matures. Mark Molthan and Platinum Homes couldn’t have done a better job. His eye for detail and attentiveness gave us a sense of trust and comfort throughout the entire project. If you are looking for a builder that caters to your needs and provides a high level of customer service…Mark Molthan is your man.”

Blake Bozman
Prattco International, LP

“We want to thank you for making the entire building process a pleasant experience. I am happy to say, our experience with Mark and the entire team at Platinum was outstanding. They delivered on everything they promised, were a pleasure to work with, completed the house on time and on budget, and most importantly built a home that exceeded our expectations. As first time homebuilders, we especially appreciate the attention to detail and the wise counsel on matters unfamiliar to us. Thanks again Mark, this was truly an excellent experience!”

Dan & Kate Meyer

“We were thoroughly impressed with you and your organization from beginning to end and could not be more pleased with our home. What made the process work so well was the fact that we completely trusted that you would do what was in our best interest. You did a great job finishing our home on time and on budget. We also appreciate you being just as quick to respond to our questions and needs. Please let us know if we can ever serve as a reference for you and Platinum Series Homes. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to anyone who is considering working with you and would be happy to show them our home so they can see the quality of your work. Thank you again for everything.”

Doug & Natalie John

“I am happy to serve as a reference for Mark and the people at Platinum. This is the THIRD HOME Mark built for my family. I actually have referred a few of my partners and one of my closest friends and Mark is building their homes. As you can imagine, I would not put myself in that situation if I was not confident that their experiences would be as positive as mine. The timeliness of Mark’s work was never a major issue for us. Mark met all his deadlines. I can’t say that my wife and I never hoped that things could be done quicker because we were anxious to move, but both of our homes were completed on time and on budget. We worked with Mark to differentiate between a small change and big project. We found that by keeping our changes to a minimum the process moved as planned. As far as the quality of work I can say that we are happy with the way our house looks and have not had any major warranty issues. I am not well versed in construction materials etc., so I might not be qualified to differentiate between Mark’s work and other builders. But once again if I thought that was an issue I would not recommend him to my friends.”

Tom Dundon