Outdoor Lighting Tips

Outdoor Lighting Tips for the Front and Back Yard

Welcome to your home at night.

The mood has changed but the charm is just the same. Well-planned landscape lighting works to accentuate architecture, adding a crowning touch to your home. Outdoor lighting serves a very functional role for a home by providing security, lighting pathways, steps, and driveways, but it also offers another opportunity to highlight what makes your home unique.

Whether in the sunlight or moonlight, front yard or back, we want your home to shine. With these outdoor lighting tips, your home is sure to be the shining star of the block after sunset.

The Front Door



Use lighting to make your front door a focal point. The front door is an important part of a guest’s first impression of your home. By making the front door the focal point of your home, you will create a warm, inviting mood for guests while increasing your home’s security. Outdoor wall sconces can be the main source of light for the front door or can be used to add a classic touch with subtle gas lamps.

Tree Lights

outdoor lighting Brick walkway leading to garden patio and top to bottom accent lighting on front of home
Tree lights are the unsung heroes of outdoor lighting. Their light gives a yard depth and feel without drawing too much attention. They can highlight a beautiful flower bed or an interesting yard sculpture. Try positioning lights so that they shine downward through leaves and branches. The shadows create intriguing patterns on the yard below and accent the front yard with an appealing contrast between light and dark.

The Patio


Use task lighting to keep you patio sparkling. Back yard BBQ’s on the patio don’t have to end when the sun goes down. With the right lighting, the patio can become an extra room when the weather is nice. Patio areas with a grill call for task lighting that can be provided by a recessed or flush-mount can light. The patio is also a great place for outdoor ceiling fan/light combos.

The Back Yard

Outdoor living at Platinum Series Homes

Use lighting to open up new gathering spaces in the yard. A swimming pool light or a fireplace helps draw your eye from the patio out into the yard. Small–usually solar powered–lights in flower beds and shrubbery accent dark corners and can actually make a space feel larger at night. For a rustic country feel, try hanging string lights across an area of your lawn in an alternating diagonal pattern. The space they illuminate can become another place to gather in the back yard.

How much is too much light?

Lighting exterior areas is a delicate process–a little light can go a long way. Too much light can have as many drawbacks as no light at all and can wash away the ambiance you’ve worked so hard to create. It’s easy to cause annoying glares from poorly placed fixtures and maybe worst of all, it can wash out your view of the night sky. Prevent your yard from taking on that football stadium feel by experimenting with placement and brightness before settling on a final lighting scheme.

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