On The House: Take a Risk - Platinum Series Homes by Mark Molthan

On The House: Take a Risk

On The House With Mark Molthan: Take A Risk

by D-Home’s Loren Means

“We don’t have to live in a beige world.”

Mark encourages his clients to have a little fun and take risks.  This Viking oven says it all. The orange adds a unique element to the space while complimenting the end grain mesquite island.  If you’re feeling adventurous but not quite so bold, this oven also comes in a more subdued Cobalt blue that Mark is a fan of as well.

“We put fun in the pantry.”

From this vantage point we get a clear shot into bright green pantry.  Mark notes that this is another example of how people are continuing to evolve the way they live in their homes, as the pantry becomes a truly functional space as opposed to just storage for everything you stockpiled at Costco. Putting the microwave and coffee maker in the pantry not only creates more room in the kitchen, but it allows for another opportunity to add visual interest to the space.

If you think you see a hint of green coming from the door in the hallway, you do. By using frosted glass on the door, Mark and his team allowed for some of the color in the bathroom to pour out into the house and tie together with the kitchen. This works.

“Lack of color is just as risky.”

Most people are afraid to have a large space without color but as you can see from this angle, it can be just as striking as a bright splash of color.


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