On The House: Master Closets - Platinum Series Homes by Mark Molthan

On The House: Master Closets

On The House with Mark Molthan: Master Closets Are Rooms

by D-Home’s Loren Means

Mark tells us that people are changing the way they live in their spaces. People spend a huge amount of time in the dressing areas of their homes like their closet and bathroom and are putting more thought into the functionality and decor of both. A closet isn’t just for storage these days; a master closet is another room in your home.

The trend is turning towards separate his and her master closets with a shared shower. Each master closet suits the needs of the individual. In his closet, a seating area is great for changing shoes, checking a quick email, or taking a load off to watch CNN after a shower. And for the frequent traveler, a packing island is absolutely critical.

People have more clothes so they are wearing items less often. The enclosed cabinets with glass windows are an aesthetically pleasing way to store and view your wardrobe as well as an efficient way to protect the clothes.

The combination of luxury and organization make these master closets a destination for living and leisure.


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