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Make Your Dining Room Holiday-Ready

This time of year, no room in the house gets more attention than the dining room. Guests congregate around the dining room table during the holidays to enjoy great company and delicious meals. But there’s one more thing that they should be able to enjoy just as much: the table setting. A beautifully laid table will attract guests to the dining room and give the space just the right amount of holiday cheer. Choosing an initial scheme for the table will help you make creative choices for each element of the table that are sure to delight your guests. Below are a few aspects of your table setting to consider while planning the perfect holiday gathering.

The Centerpiece

While the traditional evergreen arrangement can make a great centerpiece, you don’t have to feel bound to the idea. Elegant holiday centerpieces come in many shapes and sizes. Consider the colors and motifs you’d like to make a part of your table setting and tie them all together in a creative piece for the table. Candles, flowers, fruit, and vintage ornaments are just a few items that could be part of the mix. Keep in mind that unless you plan to remove the centerpiece once everyone is seated, it’s best to keep the centerpiece low so that guests can see each other from across the table.

The Place Setting

Special occasions call for special dishes, but the color and pattern of your fine china doesn’t have to dictate the design of your every holiday gathering. Choosing a white place setting is a great way to simplify one area of the table while letting other aspects like the centerpiece and nameplates pop. Or consider sprucing up familiar plates by placing colorful chargers beneath. For a more eclectic look, you can also try mixing and matching your best vintage china finds.

The Place Cards

Setting out creative place cards is one the best ways to delight your holiday guests. Making the place cards a small gift for each guest will make them feel extra cared for. Consider tucking a different token of your affection in matching gift boxes, or using an ornament as a holder for each name tag. For a crowd that knows each other well, leave the names off of small, unwrapped gifts at each place and let guests guess which one is intended for them.

The Placemat

Creative Placemats are another subtle way to spruce up your holiday table. Since placemats serve such a general purpose for the table, almost any flat, rectangular item can fill that role. An article on suggest using copies of antique sheet music, while Real Simple Magazine suggests making funky place mats out of chalkboard paper. Whatever look you choose, placemats can add a splash of color to the table and make your holiday party look a little extra merry.

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