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The One Big Rule for Luxury Living

We’ve all had this conversation at lease once in our lives:

Someone asks you, “If you could have anything in your house, what would it be?” As a kid, you might have said a zoo or a roller coaster. When your tastes changed as a teenager, you might have dreamed about a personal gym or indoor swimming pool. Now, as adults, we’ve gotten used to confining our expectations to the norm. Yes, we all appreciate a beautiful marble floor, but how often do we imagine that marble on the floor of our own private library, à la Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?

Now that you’re planning your Platinum home, you may wonder how to make it the best home possible. Follow this simple rule, and your home will be better than you can possibly imagine: dream big. That may sound a little cliché, but remember that building a luxury home is the opportunity of a lifetime. Consider these areas of the home as you begin exercising your imagination.

Beyond Storage

There’s a reason magazine features of celebrity homes include a peek into the closet. From Elizabeth Taylor to Elton John, owners of fabulous homes have always understood the importance of closets in fine living. In a Forbes article on the growing popularity of luxury closets, designer Melanie Charlton Fascitelli explained, “Closets today are no longer an afterthought. They are rooms unto themselves and as important as any other in the house.” There are, of course, dozens of other spaces in which to keep one’s treasured belongings. For some, that might be a roomy wine cellar. Or, it could be a multi-car garage that is as enticing as the high-end cars that rest inside.

Private Fitness

There may have been a point in your life when “home fitness” meant a workout tape and a set of aerobics weights. Now, it means something very different. Consider what kind of space gives you energy and focus for a great workout. Now imagine that space in your own home. By building sports and workout areas into your home, you can meet all of your fitness needs and cater to the athletic interests of your friends and family.

Personal Oases

Even in a beautiful, spacious home, you may desire an area that is uniquely yours. In designing your luxury home, consider what type of space recharges your batteries. From cozy alcoves to spacious libraries, anything is possible. Who hasn’t dreamed of secret passage ways and hidden doors as a child? Maybe it’s time to make that childhood dream—along with so many others—come true.

Compromise is part of everyday life, but it doesn’t need to become a part of creating the perfect home for your family. With the expertise of Platinum architects and home designers, you can incorporate all of your dreams into a tastefully stunning masterpiece. So start thinking about what you always used to say when someone would ask you, “If you could have anything in your house, what would it be?” And remember: you can never dream too big.

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