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Interior Design Goes High Tech

One of the most fascinating ways to observe the new year is to step back and ponder how far technology and design have come in our lifetime. We bet that just a few years ago it never occurred to you that in 2014, you’d be able to purchase a cuddling lamp or a blushing radiator for your home. Ok, maybe that’s not the type of technology most people are getting excited about these days, but still….who knew? Designers are getting creative with their integration of technology, and the results range from funky, to fascinating, to functional new objects for the home.

Enlightened Lighting

It’s hard to know where to begin in the litany of amazing lamps that have been developed recently. The Soft Light, modeled after the calabash pumpkin, can “cuddle” in dark corners and odd spaces between furniture. Believe it or not, wooden light bulbs exist—and they work, thanks to a technique of wood carving that creates a 3mm thick shell for an LED light. The Pouring Light Lamp is a mesmerizing application of LED that creates the illusion of a floating glass that pours out streams of light.

High Tech Textiles

Though we often think of quality textiles as a hand-made affair, high-tech designers are creating new ways to play with fabric. The Blur Sofa uses a computer program that “translates each pixel from a digital image into a stitch point,” according to New York Magazine. The result is a contemporary couch with an intricate ombre effect. The thread wrapping machine, created by Anton Alvarez is bursting with capabilities. The designer has used it to create furniture and sculpture so far. Eventually, he hopes to use the machine to create a small house and a full scale bridge. The machine uses thread in lieu of nails or glue.

New Wave Heating

The traditional fireplace has gotten a makeover this year, and the results are stunning. The Zeta Fireplace combines leather, stainless steel, and glass in a sleek object that looks more like a laptop than a hearth. If the idea of a jar full of fire sounds enticing, check out the Electrolux Fireplace, which shrinks the concept of a fireplace into a small, ceramic column. As far as other heating elements are concerned, the traditional radiator has also gotten a new look. The Blush Radiator, which resembles an abstract network of veins,  changes color as it heats up.

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