In Good Hands - Platinum Series Homes by Mark Molthan

In Good Hands

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out this article written by Luxury Home Quarterly’s Zach Baliva.

Mark Molthan is obviously doing something right. The owner of Platinum Series Homes started his company in 1999 after serving as division president for a large-volume builder. Today, Molthan is an established builder in some of Dallas’s most exclusive neighborhoods, where his homes are commanding attention from residents and media outlets alike. Molthan has been voted as one of the best home builders in Dallas by the readers of D Home Magazine, the top home/shelter publication in Dallas/Ft. Worth, for the last six years in a row.

Molthan has achieved success through stunning designs catered to each client and executed by the best possible team of professionals. “We are a design/build firm, not a general contractor,” he says. “If we can be involved from the start, then we excel. People come to us because they want us to be involved in the design phase.”

Molthan avoids seeking one or two certain types of projects and instead focuses on his client. He believes that factors such as size and price should never dictate design—his company’s motto is “your show home at your price.”

The team at Platinum Series currently has 20 projects underway, all of which are meticulously researched so that each home is tailored specifically to that client’s lifestyle. For one recent project—a Cape Dutch home—Molthan flew to South Africa to study the architecture and conduct interviews with the region’s most influential architects. The process allowed Molthan to export authentic Capetown style to Dallas. “We like to learn all related idiosyncrasies before we build something so we can weave authentic details into what we do,” he explains. Molthan travels around the world to meet with manufacturers, spark creative inspiration, and find original materials to incorporate into his homes. These exclusive characteristics are just some of the luxury features differentiating a Platinum Series Home.LUXE: Show Home Kitchen

Although Molthan possesses considerable talents, he knows that other skilled professionals can strengthen his custom designs. Borrowing a page from the Lee Iacocca playbook, Molthan partners with the leading industry experts. “We assemble a group of the most qualified individuals and professionals to give our clients the dream team working on their dream home,” he says. Molthan’s group comprises award-winning designers, interior consultants, architects, landscape designers, and engineers specializing in residential construction.

Making a space truly great is about “using the land creatively to maximize its potential,” Molthan says. Many Platinum Series homes are infill projects where space is limited. Therefore, Molthan focuses on meeting clients’ demands in new ways. Instead of monopolizing premium above-grade space with three-car garages, he often builds subterranean parking. Then, Molthan can do more on the main floor. “We try to be trendsetters instead of trend followers,” Molthan says. “We listen to what our clients want and come up with unique solutions.”

A Platinum Series home carries with it a certain standard of living. Now, Molthan is catering to the lifestyle needs of his clientele with a comprehensive approach. “Much like Mercedes, the Platinum Series Home is a luxury brand our clients enjoy being associated with,” Molthan says. They are often repeat customers who give him the opportunity to build a second and third home for them. As a continuation of service, Molthan created Platinum Home Services, a division of the company offered exclusively to Platinum homeowners to maintain their homes year-round. It provides extended services and warranties so clients can handle everything with just one phone call. “This allows our clients to enjoy their home at its fullest potential,” Molthan explains. In addition, Platinum Series Realty exists to satisfy a client’s real-estate needs before, during, and after his or her first home is built. The idea is to keep Platinum Series clients around forever.LUXE: Show Home Sitting Room

In 2009, Molthan assembled an elite group to build a speculative condo atop one of Dallas’s finest properties, the W Hotel. There, he and New York furniture and interior designer Laura Kirar finished a 3,560-square-foot living space that sold in 2010.

With the project, Molthan hoped to introduce something Dallas residents hadn’t yet seen. “We really wanted to do something very special that could surprise people,” he says. That goal was accomplished through dramatic designs and fine details. For example, the door leading into the master bedroom is a sliding glass piece covered with the macro image of a tumbleweed done by a photographic art glass installer known as Weil Studio. Beyond the door lies a custom leather wall that shields a large platform bed. Dual hanging light fixtures flank the bed in a large and open space that looks out through expansive glass across a private terrace and over the Dallas skyline.

In the spectacular bathroom, Molthan and Kirar shaped butterfly marble behind an understated and freestanding soaking tub. Lights recessed horizontally among mirrors, acid-edge floors, and honed walls combine with bleached cabinets to create a serene spa-like atmosphere.

An event at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children sparked one of Molthan’s finest homes. There, the designer met a child who inspired him to build a show home whose proceeds would be donated to the Scottish Rite Hospital and the Junior League of Dallas. Again, Molthan went into “dream team mode,” convincing both LUXE Magazine and celebrated architect Robbie Fusch to join the endeavor.LUXE: Show Home Hanging Bed

Molthan and his team embarked on a global adventure to find the perfect materials and methods that would help them make the LUXE Show Home something special. The 16,000-square-foot estate has all the elements of a classic Italian villa, from arches and arcades to elaborate gardens and outdoor kitchens. A negative-edge pool with dancing water effects is just one of the property’s many playful aspects. Molthan wanted to combine fun and sophistication; the LUXE Show Home also includes go-carts, a batting cage and a staircase that doubles as a slide.

Many of Dallas’ prime communities are home to several Mark Molthan homes, including Park Cities, where the designer recently completed a house for a well-known member for the Dallas Stars NHL franchise. Molthan describes the style as Hollywood chic, a look he created by blending antique and contemporary aesthetics. A bright, airy, open, and modern living room sits beneath beautiful antique timbers that were harvested from an Amish barn in rural Pennsylvania. In the dining room, Molthan started with the client’s pink table and mixed in some traditional touches like an antique rug and upholstered chairs. He updated a traditional panel system with a contemporary color and built-in wine cabinet with glass windows. Like most Platinum Series homes, Park Cities is a smart home and features elaborate Crestron automation controls.

With these and other homes, Molthan is further establishing his reputation. He already has the trust of loyal clients and the respect of the local industry. Now, Molthan will continue to work with the best architects and designers around in an effort to top himself with each new project.



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