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At Platinum, we’re always looking for new sources of inspiration. If you plan to include a personal library in your home, the following sites are sure to offer the inspiration you crave. Unless you’re planning on packing up and moving to the Library of Congress, your library may not be on quite the same scale as some of the ones here. But that shouldn’t keep you from taking your cues from some of the most spectacular libraries in the world.

Some Fabulous Examples

Writer Jill Harness published a collection of her favorite libraries from around the world on mentalfloss.com. Among her 62 picks, Harness lists the Trinity College Library in Ireland, the Library of Congress, and the library at Hearst Castle in California. The full list includes many lesser known—but no less spectacular—libraries in styles ranging from Gothic to ultra-modern.

Libraries are usually considered an indoor area, but a posting on flavorwire.com may open your eyes to the outdoor potential of a designated office space. The open air library in Magdeburg, Germany and a garden studio/library in London make alfresco reading look awfully appealing.

Another posting on Flavorwire offers a peek into several celebrity libraries including those of Rod Steward, Karl Lagerfeld and Oprah Winfrey. While Lagerfeld’s stylish study seems a bit overwhelming, Oprah’s orderly yet airy library looks like a particularly soothing place to curl up with a good book. A photo tour on Oprah.com reveals that the star chose a pallet of whites, reds and pinks for the classical looking space. She adorned the area with antique furniture and works by famous American painters.

Successful Design

The title of one New York Times piece claims “C.E.O. Libraries Reveal Keys to Success.” If this is true, you may want to look at the article, which takes a glimpse into the library of venture capitalist, Michael Moritz. While Moritz’s library is certainly a desirable space, it is the variety of books that attract attention—be has thousands of them in his Bay Area home. While studying up on the reading list of one of business’ most successful leaders, be sure to notice the attractive bay window and area rug that give a warm glow to Moritz’s library.

The private library of Jay Walker may give you the biggest reason to focus on designing your library yet. By 2002, the internet entrepreneur and founder of Walker Digital had amassed such an impressive collection of books and artifacts that he decided to create a room dedicated to the human imagination. According to Wired, “Walker’s house was constructed specifically to accommodate his massive library.” The 3,600 square foot library contains treasures of all sorts, from a hand painted celestial atlas made in 1660 to the same chandelier seen in the James Bond film, Die Another Day. Walker often holds meetings with the Walker Digital brain trust in the central seating area, letting the library serve its central purpose—to inspire.

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