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What Is on Your Home Design Shortlist?

As the recent stream of #SochiProblems tweets remind us, there are just some living amenities that no one wants to go without. But beyond the basics, it’s fascinating to note just how different people’s priorities can be. Even when it comes to luxury living, everyone has a slightly different idea of what makes a house a home.

The Must Haves

According to Elle Décor, there are ten things everyone ought to have in their home by the age of 30. Some things on the list—real bathroom accessories, matching towels, a nice mattress and headboard—are obvious for anyone who’s made the full transition from college apartment to genuine home. Other items are more subjective.

Most people would agree that a great home contains artwork that you love, but what does that mean for you? Outfitting your home with a unique collection, your favorite candles, and an organized bookshelf are all great ideas, but choosing to do so is just the beginning of a journey.

Snooping on the Pros

Of course, some things may be so tied to your personality that featuring them in your home is a given. But it can still be fascinating and inspiring to learn what people famous for having impeccable taste think is a must-have.

For example, designer Barbara Barry has professed her love of Augarten white porcelain and French tulips. Tim Gunn of Project Runway collects Ming Dynasty tomb furniture, architectural models, and lego sets. And actress Julianne Moore, whom experts have noted for her impeccable taste, is a diehard fan of boxwood and Japanese iron teapots.


If you can’t get enough of celebrity fave lists, check out this post on The Vivant that highlights celebrity Pinterest boards on home décor. People like Jessica Alba, Katie Couric, and Oprah Winfrey have amassed images of their favorite things on Pinterest for all to see.

All About You

At the end of the day, the home design shortlist that matters most is yours. Inspiration can come from all around, but the most reliable way to become inspired is to seek out the things that excite you. So, what’s on your home design shortlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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