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Our Home Design Predictions for 2015

We’ve embraced (and put a unique spin on) quite a few popular home design trends during 2014. As we began looking back on the year and planning ahead for 2015, we decided to put together a list of our favorite trending design elements and predict how they will carry over into the coming year. Here are some of our favorite trends, plus our home design predictions for 2015.

home exterior balcony

1. Steel Frame Windows

We’re head-over-heels in love with steel frame windows. In many recent homes, we’ve moved away from intricate wrought iron for a sleeker, more modern take on window framing. The style blends well with a variety of architectural styles, including French Estate and Transitional.

2015 Prediction: Steel frame windows will grow in popularity and will be used in a wider variety of homes, both contemporary and traditional.


2. Gas Linear Fireplaces

Gas linear fireplaces make a great addition to homes with a contemporary feel. We love the coziness and versatility of linear fireplaces; we’ve paired them with all types of materials including brushed stainless steel, marble, wedge stone, and even wood.

2015 Prediction: Gas linear fireplaces will make an appearance in more indoor/outdoor spaces and covered patios in the coming year.

Check out our D Home post on gas linear fireplaces.

kitchen exposed brick archway

3. Exposed Materials

The industrial look continues to be big in home design and has been interpreted in a variety of ways over the last couple of years. This year, exposed materials like brick and concrete found a place beyond urban lofts as we began incorporating them into spacious kitchens and living rooms.

2015 Prediction: More homes will use exposed brick for flooring, arches, and designer garages.

w suite bed

4. Tufted Furniture

We recently talked about tufted furniture on D Home, where we offered a few explanations for its explosion in popularity. Our conclusion? Tufted furniture won’t be going out of style any time soon.

2015 Prediction: Tufted furniture will be subtly blended into more modern looking spaces, à la the most recent suite we built out at the W Hotel Dallas (pictured above).

living room gray sectional

5. Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

We’re not just talking covered patios. Platinum Series has been pushing the boundaries (pun intended) of this architectural trend with living rooms that open up entirely to the great outdoors. Accordion doors and electronic screens make transitioning from indoors to outdoors a breeze.

2015 Prediction: Indoor/outdoor will soon become the preferred mode for new family rooms.

Your Take

Discover even more design trend predictions on D Home, including our thoughts on what color schemes will grow in popularity.

What were your favorite home design trends this year? What are your hopes and predictions for 2015? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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