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How to Design Your Home for Memorable Gatherings

A well-designed home opens up the possibilities for any kind of gathering. Multiple “go to” spots in your home are key to hosting great events, both small and large. With various places to mix and mingle, a great home will facilitate dynamic, memorable gatherings.

The open layout

Contemporary open layouts can help keep a gathering from becoming static and make guests feel at ease. Spacious areas that combine living and dining areas go a long way in bringing guests together without awkwardly forcing them to sit around one central space. Your furniture arrangement can help you take advantage of an open layout. Try creating multiple seating areas in a large living area and see how this affects your next gathering. Ideally, this arrangement will help your guests feel more free to mix and mingle.

Living room that opens to dining room both over hardwood floors

The Social Kitchen

These days, cooking is part of the fun at a casual party—and those blessed with culinary skills no longer need to be banished from the main gathering. Accordingly, kitchens are often given a special place in the contemporary open layout of many homes. Kitchen islands, especially ones with space for seating, encourage guests to chat with the cook—and hopefully help out, too! Setting out appetizers on the island can be a great way to help your guests get up and mingle. If you’re up for the extra traffic, managing music choices from the kitchen can draw people to the heart of your home, while sparking some (hopefully) friendly debate among aspiring DJ’s and music enthusiasts.

Open kitchen design

The Custom Bar

A beautiful custom bar area is a coveted area among those well versed in entertaining. Another gathering area for guests, your own bar can be a great space to showcase the evening’s wine selections. It’s also a perfect space to dabble if you or any of your guests enjoy playing the mixologist. Concoct your pre-dinner drinks for guests at the bar before a sit-down meal, or let guests pour their own drinks here at an informal gathering.


Indoor/outdoor spaces

As everyone knows, summer is a great time of year for entertaining. Once things warm up, opportunities for pool parties and barbecues abound. If only the extreme Texas heat didn’t cause groups to splinter off from the gathering and head back indoors! Indoor/outdoor living spaces solve this problem effortlessly. With a covered patio, guests can enjoy comfortable temperatures while still enjoying the party. Conversely, outdoor fireplaces are great for early spring evenings when there’s still a bit of chill in the air.

Outdoor patio with 2 sides of opened sliding doors that open to both the living room and game room


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