From Good to Great Rooms - Platinum Series Homes by Mark Molthan

From Good to Great Rooms

The layout of a home and it’s contents is often the toughest subject to approach, and one of the topics that can be easily overlooked is opening up the floor plan. Great rooms are a popular way to combine your kitchen, living room and dining room into one continuous space with more natural light, and it is not without its advantages.

Having an open floor plan allows for increased use of the living room, affords you extra space in your kitchen to move around, and provides the dining room a more connected aesthetic.  If that’s not enough to get you scrambling for the nearest design center to check out floor plans, they’re also perfect for hosting larger groups of people!  With all that extra space, there’s plenty of room for guests to mingle and converse at those dinner parties you’ve been wanting to have.

If you’re looking for more social time with your family, a great room is the perfect choice for you. The open floor design lets you interact with your kids or spouse or keep an eye on your kids while meals are being made. There’s a lot to love about an open space.

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