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3 Ways to Give Your Home a Fall Makeover

Leaves are transitioning to vibrant shades of orange and crimson, there’s a crisp bite in the air and people are already displaying pumpkins on their doorsteps. It’s safe to say, autumn is finally here! And with the changing of the seasons comes a great opportunity to transform your home into a cozy haven everyone can enjoy. That’s right, it’s time for a Fall Makeover! Read through the tips below to find fun ways to make any home a warm and inviting space for the coming months.

Come On In

Autumn is the start of the holiday entertaining season, and whether it’s a scheduled dinner party or a surprise afternoon apple cider pop in, it never hurts to be ready for guests. Make your home more welcoming by adding a few dapper touches to the areas visitors will most likely congregate.

An entryway hall tree with a fall theme, a front door adorned with a wreath of pressed leaves, and a festive bench or small table with a flourish of decorative accessories are all great ideas to spruce up the entrance to your home. And don’t forget: soft pillows in formal but not necessarily comfortable dining chairs are a smart way to encourage your guests to take their time and enjoy the company.

Keeping Warm

When the temperature starts to drop  it’s always good to have an extra layer on hand, and that doesn’t just mean a jacket. Add warm wool, cotton throws and blankets wherever family or guests gather so anyone can cozy up if they get a little chilly.

Love them ambiance of a glowing fire but hate trudging out into the cold to grab the necessary wood? Shorten the trip by storing your freshly-cut wood in a seasonal wicker basket within a safe distance of your fireplace. But before you strike the first match of the season, be sure to have the chimney and fire box professionally inspected.

Shorter days mean less sunshine, and less sunshine means less light. Brighten up any spot where reading or work is done with an extra light source, it’s a perfect opportunity to add a bit of autumn any room with a festive lampshade.

Natural Style

Nothing says fall like the colors of the season. Add the very hues found in nature to any room and bring the outside in by sprinkling leaves on shelves, centerpieces or any area that could benefit from some lively foliage. And don’t think cornucopias are just for Thanksgiving, they’re a perfect way to brighten up any mantel, foyer or any flat surface with the bounties of the autumn harvest.

There aren’t many patterns more perfect for fall than plaid. To create a mountain cabin mood, simply add plaid and wood tones with blankets, seat covers and picture frames.

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