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Fabulous Fireplaces

Fireplaces may not be a practical necessity anymore, but they’re still a must-have for any stylish home. When building your luxury home, keep these points in mind to give your home the style and the warmth you’ve always dreamed of.

Where To Warm?

So, you know you want a fireplace—or two, or three—but where should they go? Placing your fireplace is a strategic decision that can result in a winning living area. A two-sided fireplace can serve double duty while uniting two separate areas of an open floor plan. Although typical modern homes only allot the fireplace to the a central living area, you may also consider adding another elsewhere. A fireplace in the office or master bedroom can make your evenings extra cozy. Additionally, an outdoor fireplace will not only enhance the design of your patio, but will also create opportunities for entertaining.

transtional family room

Size Matters

Do you want the fireplace to be the focal point of your living area? If so, designate plenty of wall space for a large-scale fireplace. A smaller fireplace can add warmth and detail to a space while allowing a different architectural aspect to take center stage. If you have artwork that you are planning to display, its also important to consider the dimensions of the fireplace. The width of the mantle and the space above will determine what items can adorn the fireplace.


Learn Some Anatomy

When choosing fireplaces, learning a few technical terms that will help you describe in detail what you are looking for. There is a specific name for each aspect of the fireplace, from the functional elements to the purely decorative ones. For example, do you want the fireplace to have an over mantle? How about a hearth, or a chase? These are all optional features that are incorporated exclusively for aesthetic purposes. You can learn your fireplace anatomy from this Chicago Tribune article and become adept at describing your preferences.

Park Cities: Centenary living room with fire place

Think Antique

You may already be planning to furnish your home with heirloom pieces, but have you considered installing an antique fireplace? Many antique dealers sell salvaged fireplace fronts, ranging from austere to intricate. A quick search online will reveal that antique fireplace options include marble, stone, and carved wood. If you plan on installing an antique, begin your search early so that your architect can know how much space to allot for your fireplace.


Simply Modern

If you’re designing a home with a more contemporary feel, incorporating a smartly designed fireplace can fit the aesthetic while keeping your living area from feeling too austere. Consider the unique proportions, materials and shapes of many modern fireplaces. Smart designs using glass, steel, marble, or wood minimize embellishments while maximizing your living area’s potential.


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