Design Tips From Milieu Editor, Pamela Pierce

Millieu Magazine Shares Design Wisdom

This fall a rare treat for designers and homeowners is hitting the news stands. Texas-bred interior designer, Pamela Pierce has launched a new quarterly about home décor called Milieu. The timing couldn’t be better for those who are currently building or decorating their homes. The first issue promises a trove of delights, including a glimpse into a 1940’s Swiss mansion, plus a look at a boutique resort in the Texas Hill Country. Before Milieu’s release, Pierce spoke with the New York Times about the new magazine, her style, and her design philosophy.


On simplicity

Describing her own home, Pierce said, “It’s all white. But I love woods, and I’m very tactile.” Despite the neutrality of her own home, neither Pierce’s design nor her magazine are lacking in color. “I work all day with patterns and prints,” she explained. “When I come home at night, I just want to be soothed.”

The difference between Pierce’s work and home life contain significant wisdom for those designing their home’s interior. When choosing what belongs in your home, be sure to consider what you value in your surroundings. Do you need to come home to a soothing environment? If so, consider scaling back on bold patterns and colors, or simply relegate them to more social areas of the house.

On world travel and Texan sensibility

A Houston native, Pierce blends her Texan perspective with a global approach to design. The first issue of Milieu features houses from Geneva, Switzerland, Belgium and California. But Texas has a strong presence throughout the magazine. “The fabulous house on the cover is a Dallas home,” Pierce said. Plus, the issue includes a Houston loft and features Dallas based fashion designer, Angela Scott.

Remember: your home is your castle. Let your background and travels inform your home’s aesthetic to bring a unique quality to its interiors. This will truly make your house feel like home. And don’t forget to take some cues from Pierce—consider adding some Texas flavor to your home.

On mixing the old with the new

As a long-time designer, Pierce has noticed a split in the design world between the antique and the ultra-new. Her own approach to design is to find a happy medium. She explained to the New York Times, “I love antiques and I think you need some in your home to bring the past in along with the future. I’m just seeing a lot of throwaway furniture in houses. I want to show people that you can mix the new with the old; you can still honor both.”

When designing your home, don’t let yourself feel boxed into a single period or look. By following some basic design principles, you can unify seemingly disparate styles under a unique yet tasteful aesthetic. For inspiration, check out the Milieu’s story on an industrial style loft in Houston whose owner furnished the brick and concrete space with both modern and turn of the century pieces.

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