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Classic Architecture, Modern Design: Courtyards

Courtyards have made a strong comeback this year. These centuries old centerpieces have become one of the focal points in modern architecture. There is nothing quite like stepping outside and being enveloped by quiet seclusion. In a matter of seconds courtyards make it possible to step off those busy streets or crowded neighborhoods and step into a calm, relaxing, private get away filled with warm natural light and fresh air. There is an immediate visceral reminder of old world Europe and its timeless serenity. As the light kisses the stone, water trickles from a fountain and voices echo through the air there is something in that space that can transport away from the busyness of life and soothe the soul. Their impact can be felt from the interior of the home as well, visually adding depth and intrigue to otherwise typical interiors of the house. Not only having aesthetic value courtyards can serve an architectural purpose as well.

Courtyards provide more natural light throughout the interior of the home in places that usually never see the light of day. Keeping temperatures down especially here in Texas is crucial and the courtyard acts as a cooling ventilation making them an indispensable feature for new Texas homes. Although they are outdoors, the courtyard also opens spaces of the interior allowing for better and easier means of creating circulation within the home. Another great advantage of courtyards is a safe, and more importantly, pest and rodent free, space to have a garden. Depending on the design and the amount of light allowed in the space a garden can not only provide healthy fruits and vegetables, but provide more vibrant natural color to the home.

Platinum Series is no stranger to this classical design. Here are just a few examples of courtyards within Platinum Series homes. Notice the simplicity in design and how having a ‘less is more’ approach can make a major visual impact. Notice the depth some of these courtyards create. Also, notice how each design almost makes you forget you may be close to a major city or crowded neighborhood.

LUXE: Show Home Atrium Preston Hollow: Northwest Highway 6

Courtyards add tremendous character, fortitude and elegance to every home. Thoughts of wisdom and maturity are invoked by their stillness and subtleties. The courtyard gives the home a voice that says this place will stand the test of time.

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