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Choosing the Right Layout

The Right Layout for Your Family

Choosing a home is an exciting event, but much like grocery shopping on an empty stomach, enthusiastic home shopping can have us making frenzied decisions when it comes to deciding on a property. While its exciting to live in the moment, neglecting to plan out your new home could leave you with a lot of extra space, and a layout that doesn’t quite fit your needs – determining exactly how your family uses domestic space can help guide you to the best floorplan decision. By taking into consideration shape, layout and above all, size, you can ensure that your homeowning experience is just as great as the romantic first stages of home shopping. Follow this general outline for choosing a floorplan to help you make the most informed decision.

Luxury Tower Apartment

What Size is Best?

Every family member will ultimately need some kind of space where he or she can relax, decompress, or even have a bit of a “time-out”. A great starting point is thinking of the essentials: how many individual rooms does your family require, and how many bathrooms are sufficient for your family and a few potential visitors? From there, you can decide whether extra space is necessary to accommodate your family’s hobbies, jobs, and unique lifestyle.

Design Potential

You don’t always have to take a strictly practical look at your home layout. Economy of space is important, but you want to be surrounded by an environment that’s both comfortable and easy on the eyes. Always make sure to inject some of your family’s character into the living space – this makes your loved ones feel more at home, and tells visitors a lot about who you are. Right angles and minimalism can give your home a modern professionalism, while soaring ceilings and rounded archways are a beautiful way to embrace some traditional architectural styles. But don’t get carried away with design to the point where it disrupts the overall flow of your layout.

Layout over Lavishness

Always stick to your guns when looking at different layouts. Too often young (and sometimes even experienced) home buyers are enticed by ornament and opulence rather than a layout that suits their needs. You should always look at a home in the most basic, stripped-down way possible: imagine the space without any extra design, and try to focus on how the layout allows you navigate through the space. You can always install granite counter tops or find new appliances, but it’s going to be a lot harder to, say, move your master bedroom away from the kids’ rooms. Ignore the finishes; focus on layout.

Luxurious Main Hallway

Trust your Instincts

As mentioned before, try not to be persuaded by the presentation of a home during a showing. Explore the space with an open mind, but a firm grasp of what youf family absolutely needs. It may sound abstract, but sometimes you can just “feel” that a space is right or wrong for you. These signals should be considered more heavily than just an impulse based on a cute feature. If something feels a little bit off, trust your instinct and go investigate another property. The more homes you look at, the more likely it is that you’ll find the one that suits your family’s needs.

Furniture Spread

Some people see home buying as a cathartic experience – they move into a new home and completely overhaul the space with a new spread of totally different furniture. Some people, on the other hand, can’t bear to part with their beloved furnishings and prefer to bring their old life into their new home. Regardless, always keep in mind that these homes will be featuring your furniture, and usually not what you saw at the showing. Writing down a few crucial dimensions (size of master bed, dining table, living room seating) can give you some crucial information about the space that will lead to a more calculated purchase.

Weigh the Good and the Bad

There are some great floorplans out there and chances are there is one that will be absolutely perfect for your family. However, when you’ve fallen in love with a space you may be reluctant to the potential shortcomings of that layout. Use your realtor for some guidance to give you a good, objective look at what makes a space great or not-so-great for your lifestyle. You want to enjoy the home shopping process, but don’t let the excitement come at the expense of your judgement. And don’t forget, the only way to get the exact floorplan that you want is to have your home custom built for your family’s lifestyle!

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