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Choosing Rich Materials for a Memorable Interior

Incorporate the finest wood and stone into your home

What makes a home magnificent? Is it the location, the style, or the sheer size?

While these play an important part in defining your custom house, we recommend taking the interior materials into close consideration. After all, the finer aspects of your home can communicate your individuality and refined taste better than anything else–here are some recommendations for lush accents and touches to your home.

Luxurious Wood Accents


Few wood accents embody the word “elegant” like cherry. The fine, straight grain and rosy glow work well in colonial settings, and it can be crafted into delicate furniture for any setting.


Oak is neither commonplace nor obscure–it is a hearty, reliable wood that works beautiful in artistic settings. The free nature of the grain gives it a distinct and aesthetic look.


A favorite for ornate furniture pieces, walnut has a wide range of colors from dark, rich brown to near-yellow.


Especially popular in Georgian themes, mahogany exudes timeless class with it’s deep reddish brown color.


Why not add a splash of interest with this obscure beauty? The dark rustic touches will enhance the look of your earthy design.


This is often the wood of choice for musical instruments–consider investing in this fragrant and richly textured wood in your home.

Fine Stone and Brick

These rooms by Platinum exemplify the use of natural stone and brick in our houses–let us help you acquire the best stone and brick products for your custom home. Here are just a few options to consider. . .


Timeless and decadent, marble comes in many shades and cuts. Choose varieties for sunny kitchens or sultry dining rooms


Make your home picturesque with a touch of slate. The murky colors work beautifully on kitchen counters, floors, or elsewhere–be creative!


Breaking from the ordinary is always an exciting prospect–take a chance with this heat-resistant stone.



An old standby, this course stone adds texture to any environment. Choose from many different shades; it always communicates luxury in kitchens and bathrooms alike.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match woods and stones. Be bold!

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