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Autumn Inspiration for Year-Round Style

There are two types of people in the world: those who love seasonal decorations and those who don’t. It’s easy to see why both types exist; some love the nostalgic feeling that comes with arranging pumpkins on the mantle piece, while design purists may prefer to keep out the clutter. No matter which camp you fall into, there is always inspiration to be found in the turning of the leaves. Here are a few ways to bring the warmth of autumn into your home’s interior.

Rich Hues

No matter what the candy aisle at the grocery store may imply, Fall colors aren’t limited to orange and black. Turn your sights outdoors this autumn and you’ll notice an array of hues from bronze and copper to plum and rust. These colors can fit snugly into a scheme keeps you and your feeling cozy any day of the year. Consider weaving them into a room with some vintage wallpaper, leather upholstery, or an area rug. If you do decide to turn to seasonal goodies for inspiration, try mixing in shades of chocolate or red wine to give the room an ever richer flavor.


When days are cool and night falls early, the warming glow of a candle can be the perfect touch for the mantle piece. But not all candles are created equal. Luckily, there are some expert candle makers out there who work with the style-obsessed in mind.

Last month, Vogue announced the opening of Fortnum & Mason’s new Candle Room in London which carries everything from designer scented candles to Venetian glass candlesticks. Candle maker Roja Dove of Fortnum & Mason wisely explained, “there is nothing that will create an atmosphere in one’s home like a candle and nothing that will ruin it like a bad smell. The solution lies in a great candle.”

If you tend to walk on the whimsical side of things, consider finding a clever candlestick to light your way. Style blogger, Marni Elyse Katz just compiled a page of modern candlesticks that range from Dalhi-esque to seriously cute.

Crawly Critters

Don’t run screaming just yet. just posted an article on decor inspired by creatures of the night — specifically, moths. But Items like moth wallpaper from Occa-Home and United Thread’s moth watercolor are more evocative of Turn-of-the-Century science books than of October 31st. A quick jaunt over to proves that other artists are using the same motif for a similar effect. Moths are becoming a trendy design detail that will surely add more warmth to your home than spooks.

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