A Look Inside Mark Molthan's House with Guest Designer Molly Molthan - Platinum Series Homes by Mark Molthan

A Look Inside Mark Molthan’s House with Guest Designer Molly Molthan

On The House With Mark Molthan: A look inside the expert’s house with guest designer, Molly Molthan.

by D-Homes’ Loren Means

We’ve already established that everybody loves their baby girls, but expert home builder, Mark Molthan, loves all three of his children and wanted to ensure each one had a room to call their own. He gave them ownership and full creative control to design a space that would reflect their individual styles and personalities.  Armed with impeccable taste and a zeal for teal, 14 year-old Megan Molthan spent a day as a designer alongside her Dad.\

Wallpaper is making a comeback in a big way, and this Elitis wallpaper makes a big splash. While the wallpaper was the foundation for Megan’s design, she ensured the room didn’t become too busy by using it on a single accent wall.

The bed was inspired by a piece Megan saw and loved in a Restoration Hardware catalog. Mark used two antique doors he already had in Santa Fe and a bed frame from West Elm to recreate the look. Repurposing these doors gave Megan the look she wanted while creating a one-of-a-kind piece. To add interest and soften the look, the square indentions in the doors were painted teal. If you look closely, you will see that the ceiling beams are also painted a high gloss metallic teal which draws your eyes up and around the room.

Megan saw this light fixture on the showroom floor at Meletio and immediately fell in love. It manages to compliment the earthy grass cloth shades while adding a touch of luxury. The next stop was at Debra Owens store, Vinya , where Megan decided to add a modern touch and scored both the turquoise acrylic chair and the cozy fabric chair. The room looks like a million bucks but Mark tells us that none of the items purchased were very expensive. Bargain shopping doesn’t have to look budget.

Megan carried the tranquil teal into the bathroom creating a spa-like effect. She selected the Morrocan mosaic tile by Walker Zanger which ties wonderfully with the rest of her room.

Megan Molthan personally selected all of the materials and décor in her room, and with a little guidance from Dad, was able to create her own oasis. Megan is proud of her design and Mark couldn’t be more proud of her for it. Mark encourages parents to do the same with their children and says it’s a rewarding experience and process for everyone involved.

Over the next several weeks we will get a glimpse into the home of the expert himself. Check back next week to see the work of guest designer, 10-year old Molly Molthan as we continue to explore the Molthan home and pick up tips and tricks.

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