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6 Ways to Cultivate a Soothing Atmosphere at Home

With how fast paced and chaotic our lives can be, the importance of a relaxing atmosphere at home has never been greater.  The state of a person’s home can often be representative of a person’s overall well-being.  Whether you’re a believer in feng shui or not studies show that a messy or a cluttered home can substantially increase levels of stress and a general feeling of being overwhelmed.  With so little time available to slow life down we all need to make a concerted effort to force ourselves to relax.  Here are some simple ways to create a more relaxing environment in the home.

  1. Plants/ Flowers- These can add an organic feel and soothing aroma to any room or hallway.
  2. Real furniture in bathroom-  If you can fit it
  3. Natural sunlight- It adds a tremendous amount of positivity and energy to any space.
  4. The paint colors you choose in your home can have a profound effect on your mood. Tranquil blues, greens and greys create a quieter more relatable atmosphere. Whites and beiges work as well – natural tones work best. Keep bright and jarring colors out of furniture and fabrics in the areas you wish to keep calm. Bright colors tend to energize, and the goal is to create the opposite effect.
  5. Remove clutter. Clutter is distracting and immediately instills a sense of chaos and disorderliness. Knick-knacks should be put away, instead use items that calms or inspires – such as family photographs.
  6. Hardwood floors and soft area rugs can tie in furniture to help create a focal point and unity. The idea is to create a space that looks and feels softer, calmer and more relaxing. Layering soft textures can create this effect as can fireplaces.

transitional living room

Platinum Series Homes understands and appreciates the importance of healthy living.  Our unique designs and open floor plans allows for open spaces that soothes the soul.

kitchen and breakfast nook

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